Beard Color

Tired of experimenting with beard trims or dyes? Are you constantly disappointed with the results you’re getting? Ready to finally find that unique look that perfectly suits you?

Fed up with monotony? Looking to add something new, bold, and original to your image?

At Solea Beauty Salon’s barbershop, your beard will become a true work of art. This allows us to accentuate your individuality and add confidence to your look. We do more than just dye your beard – we craft an image in which you’ll feel most comfortable!

Beard Camouflage

  • Duration: Up to 30 minutes.
  • Result: Even beard color.
  • Effect lasts: Up to 4 weeks.

A well-groomed beard is not just about the right shape, regular trimming, and styling, but also about color uniformity. Forget about gray hairs or uneven beard color. Our exclusive beard camouflage service is your chance to look impeccable every day.

Our beard camouflage service is perfect for you if you need to:

  • Hide gray, red, sun-bleached, or faded hair.
  • Achieve a uniform beard color.
  • Darken your beard by a few shades to create a volumizing effect.
  • Change the color of up to 50% of your beard.

Our barbers use professional dyes with toning agents for beard camouflage. Unlike coloring, the beard is not bleached but toned. As the beard grows, there’s no noticeable line between the new growth and the previously colored hair. Even after several weeks, the beard looks natural.

A man with a well-groomed beard after a beard camouflage procedure

How Beard Camouflage Works

A man in a barbershop is having his grey beard hairs colored.

1. Dye Selection.

The barber examines the type, structure, and color of your beard hair and chooses a dye that closely matches your beard’s natural shade.

2.Beard Wash and Drying.

The barber washes your beard, dries it with a blow dryer, and combs it. They trim the hair to give it a neat shape.

3. Dye Application.

The barber mixes the dye with the developer in the correct proportions and determines the time needed for the dye to set on your beard hair before applying it.

4. Rinsing Off the Dye.

The barber rinses off the dye, dries your beard, and styles it. They apply nourishing, restorative balms and oils to replenish hair structure.

Beard Coloring

A beard is not just facial hair. It’s a part of a man’s individuality.

Join us for a beard coloring session and turn a new page in your style.

Our beard coloring service is ideal if you want to:

  • Add something bold and original to your look.
  • Radically change your image to make it expressive and memorable.
  • Change your beard color along with a change in hair color.
A smiling man with a beard dyed to match the color of his tinted hair.

Beard Care After Coloring

Use specialized shampoos and conditioners
To maintain the color and prevent it from washing out.
Gently dry your beard after washing
Pat it dry with a towel, avoiding rubbing. Avoid frequent blow-drying as heat accelerates fading and damages hair structure.
Apply nourishing oils and balms
To keep your beard hair healthy and moisturized.
Regularly trim your beard
Trimming the ends and styling are key to maintaining a neat, well-groomed beard.

Beard Color Near Me – Why Choose Solea Beauty Salon?

Top-rated Barbers
Our barbers in Sunny Isles are experienced experts in beard coloring, proficient in various techniques, and always up-to-date with trends. They regularly enhance their skills.
Personalized Approach
No templates or stereotypical solutions – only personalized service. We highlight your natural beauty, character, and even mood, helping you create the most organic and comfortable image for yourself.
Wide Range of Services
We offer not only beard camouflage and coloring but also haircuts and styling. All barber services under one roof.
High-Quality Beard Dyes
We use professional ammonia-free dyes for long-lasting and natural results. We recommend professional beard care products.
Cozy Atmosphere
Step into our barbershop and leave the hustle and problems at the door. We'll uplift your spirits for the entire day.

If you’re searching Google for “Beard Coloring Near Me”, our barbershop at Solea Beauty Salon is the perfect location. Book a beard coloring session at Solea Beauty Salon – allow yourself to stand out from the crowd!

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