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It doesn’t always have to be bone straight. But straightening your hair to varying degrees can add poise, elegance, and confidence to your hairstyle. Straight hair just falls in a beautiful way that’s just unmatched. Solea beauty salon is proud to help women and men in Sunny Isles manage their hair through industry-leading hair straightening treatments. Hair straightening is a styling technique that works wonders on frizzy hair and will turn unmanageable rough curls into smooth, silky, manageable hair. Our hair straightening salon offers this service for more than just hair maintenance needs. Hair straightening can add a different dimension to your hairstyles and overall look.

The hair stylists in our hair straightening salon are highly experienced. The salon is equipped with the latest standard in hair straightening equipment, products, and techniques. That’s why Solea beauty salon can provide hair straightening for all hair types, including curly, frizzy, thick locks, thin hair, Afro, mixed race hair, and long and short hair. Start by discussing your hair straightening needs with our friendly hair stylists. We’ll cover whether you need a haircut first, a degree of straightening, highlights, coloring, and any special requirements. We’ll even provide any hair straightening recommendations if necessary.

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Hair Straightening Salon near me For Every Need

Wardrobe Malfunctions

Got a graduation coming up, and your curly hair won’t work with the graduation cap? Our hair straightening treatments can solve this problem.

A Different Look

Many people searching for hair straightening salons near me have naturally curly hair and desire a change-up. Or maybe you have thick, wavy hair and are craving a change in appearance. Our experienced stylists will use effective hair straightening treatments without damaging your natural hair.


Many people don’t like to talk about it. But straight hair can be more versatile than curly or wavy hair. It just works in different dress-up scenarios and evokes a different feeling. Plus, you finally get a chance to assess your hair growth.

Special Occasions

Solea beauty salon is the best hair straightening salon to prim and doll up before special occasions. If you want to pop out with straighter hair for an upcoming session, our hair stylists will get you set.

Our desire to help men and women in Sunny Isles achieve this look for different occasions is why we included hair straightening treatments in our services. We’re the ideal answer to your online searches about where to find a hair straightening salon near me.

Hair Straightening Options at Solea Beauty Salon

Natural Hair Straightening

Hair straightening without chemical treatment is possible. And the way we do it, it’ll stay in place until contact with water.

Our expert hair stylists can make this happen with flat irons, blow dryers with the latest comb attachments, electric-powered brushes, and hair straighteners. How we achieve your hair straightening depends on your hair texture and preferred look.

hair straightening without chemical treatment
perm at our hair straightening

Professional Permanent Hair Straightening

It takes only a few hours to undergo a perm at our hair straightening salon in Sunny Isles. It’s a chemical process that targets your hair structure and allows you to keep hair straightening results for up to six months.

And as your hair grows over time, the already-treated hair will combine with your natural hair to deliver a posh, wavy look.

Blow Drying

Do you need a hair straightening for an important appointment later in the day? Then, step into our hair straightening salon and let our stylists blow dry your hair to perfection. This is one of the hair straightening treatments we recommend for quick, emergency situations.

straightening treatments
chemical hair straightening

Chemical Hair Straightening

Solea beauty salon currently offers keratin hair straightening treatments for longer-lasting results. We formulate our keratin treatments to contain natural protein to promote hair restoration, rejuvenation and rebuilding. And it works on all hair types, including recently treated and damaged hair.

Chemical hair straightening treatments at Solea beauty salon can take up to six hours. But the results are well worth it. Simply refrain from washing your hair for 48 hours after the treatment, and you can start to enjoy the results. It’s very low maintenance and will fit right into your busy schedule.

Bespoke Hair Straightening Treatments in Sunny Isles

Can’t see the hair straightening treatment you want? Take the time to discuss your specific hair straightening needs with our friendly hair stylists. We’ll discuss your situation, provide recommendations, and book your appointment. Call Solea beauty salon today.

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