Male Manicure

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We take care of our hands every day by washing and disinfecting them and we cut our nails weekly. More is required in order to maintain your hands and nails in excellent condition. Our hands need periodic professional care.

Professional hand and nail care is an integral part of maintaining a good appearance and health!

Solea Beauty Salon provides quality grooming services for your hands. Our male manicure is the best way to keep your hands and nails healthy and well maintained.

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Men’s Manicure – What Is It?

Male Manicure – a set of procedures for the hygienic care of men’s nails and hand skin.

After these procedures, hands look well-cared-for, healthy, and neat.

Male manicure helps solve problems like:

  • Unattractive nail shape;
  • Peeling, thin nails;
  • Hangnails, calluses;
  • Dry skin.

What is included in Men’s Manicure?

Shaping the nails. The specialist gives each nail the correct shape and adjusts the length. Then cleans and treats them.

Warm bath. Soaks the client’s hands in a bath with special components.

Cuticle removal. Then carefully cut the cuticle. Also removes hangnails at the base, preventing inflammation.

Polishing. The specialist polishes the nails. At the client’s request, apply a clear top coat or colored gel polish.

Nourishment with cream, oil. Finally, treat the hands with moisturizing, nourishing cream/oil. Performs a light relaxing massage.

Cost: $50

5 reasons to get a male manicure

Well-groomed appearance
Without regular care, the skin around the nails becomes rough and changes color. A male manicure gives the hands and nails a well-cared-for look.
Professional male manicure prevents fungal diseases. Restores hydration, improves blood circulation, strengthens the skin's barrier function.
Prevention of hangnail
Hangnails and microcracks not only look unsightly. They can allow infection to penetrate, causing purulent inflammation around the nail. Regular male manicures help prevent hangnails and contribute to the health of your hands.
The male manicure procedure helps to relax and take a break from everyday hustle. Moreover, well-cared-for hands and nails bring positive emotions.
Men's Gel Manicure – an original way to add a twist to your look. Design options are limited only by your imagination.

Men’s Manicure Near Me

If you are looking for a perfect Men’s Manicure near you in Sunny Isles, look no further than Solea Beauty Salon.

Our experienced technicians are skilled in all nuances and specifics of men’s nail care. They know how to help you look and feel better.

Many men have become regular clients after their first visit to our salon, with its unique atmosphere of personal care.

Book a male manicure appointment. Get comfortable in the chair, relax, and rest. Our specialist will ensure the well-groomed appearance and health of your hands and nails.


Dmytro Karpiuk
Dmytro Karpiuk

Usually do the manicure and pedicure at this salon. Like the atmosphere and the quality of the service. Surely recommend!

Gene Lerner
Gene Lerner

Great atmosphere, Viktoria and Ekaterina are true nail professionals. Manicure and pedicure came out excellent and they were able to do it at the same time saving me precious time. Antonina is excellent in customer service and taking care of clients.
I was offered coffee and various drinks and generally felt very comfortable in the salon. Highly recommend! A++++

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