Gel Pedicure

Are you looking for a nail salon in Sunny Isles to achieve the perfect pedicure with gel polish?

Solea Beauty Salon is a prestigious nail salon in Sunny Isles!

Here, you’ll be greeted with a smile and find yourself eager to return time and time again. It’s a safe space, in which we strive to build close connections to our customers.

At our salon, nail care for hands and feet is a transformative and truly unique experience. Our regular clients eagerly anticipate each visit, ready to immerse themselves in our distinctive atmosphere and experience the Solea effect.

What is included in a Gel Pedicure?

  • A warm foot soak to soften the skin and nails.
  • Nail trimming and cuticle removal.
  • Shaping the nails with filing, polishing, and buffing.
  • Application of a scrub to remove rough skin.
  • Removal of calluses and dry corns.
  • A relaxing foot and calf massage.
  • Application of a colorless base coat.
  • Top coating with two layers of gel polish, cured under a UV lamp.
  • Application of a finishing top coat.

Cost: between $90 and $100 for our top technician.

Gel Pedicure at Nail Salon in Sunny Isles

3 Advantages of Gel Polish Pedicure

Traditional nail polish lasts no more than a week on nails. A gel polish pedicure remains pristine for up to 4 weeks. It doesn't fade or chip. Nails under gel polish are stronger and less prone to breaking.
Quick Drying
Acrylic takes a long time to dry and can smudge or spread. Gel polish dries under a UV lamp in just 2-3 minutes. It doesn’t smudge or chip, ensuring your pedicure stays perfect.
Wide Range of Shades
The possibilities for design are endless, limited only by your and the technician’s imagination. Options include solid colors, gradients, ombre, French tips, stamping, geometric patterns, hand-painting, and more.

Gel Pedicure Near Me in Sunny Isles – Why choose Solea Beauty Salon?

Talented Technicians
Our nail technicians are our pride and joy. At Solea Beauty Salon, we boast the best nail service professionals in Sunny Isles. They continuously upgrade their skills, learning new techniques and staying abreast of the latest nail art trends.
Cozy, Chill Atmosphere
Enjoy the comfort of our plush chairs set in a thoughtfully designed interior. During your gel pedicure, you can escape the daily hustle, relax, and unwind.
High-Quality Gel Polishes
We use premium materials and offer a vast selection of shades. The gel pedicures done by our experts are long-lasting (up to 4 weeks), chip-resistant, and do not peel off.
Sterile Instruments
A perfect pedicure is a safe pedicure. Every tool undergoes a rigorous process of disinfection and sterilization. And everything that can be disposable, is disposable.
Four-Handed Pedicure
Two technicians can swiftly perform a pedicure or a combined manicure and pedicure with four hands. This approach reduces the time you spend on nail care.

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