Lebel “Happy Hair”

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Solea Beauty Salon invites you to experience the “Happy Hair” restoration and revitalization treatment by Lebel.

  • You’ll notice a positive effect after just the first session.
  • Bring even the most damaged hair back to life.
  • We adhere to the manufacturer’s protocol.

Rest assured, the “Happy Hair” treatment by Lebel will truly revitalize your hair!

Lebel ``Happy Hair`` treatment program designed for hair restoration at the molecular level

What is the “Happy Hair” hair care program?

This is a comprehensive treatment program designed for hair restoration at the molecular level, created by the Japanese company Lebel Cosmetics. The program is specifically designed to restore severely damaged hair due to aggressive bleaching, chemical perming, and frequent heat styling.

Who is the “Happy Hair” treatment for?

LEBEL “Happy Hair” is suitable for anyone who wants to improve the condition of their hair. It is especially recommended for those with:

  • Severely damaged and dry hair after coloring or improper care.
  • Coarse, unruly hair with a porous structure.
  • Weak hair that breaks easily.
  • Weak hair that breaks easily.
    Naturally thin hair or hair that has become less dense due to coloring and heat exposure.
  • Hair prone to split ends.

What Results Can I Expect?

  • Molecular-level hair restoration
  • Increased moisture levels in the cortex
  • Restoration of water balance
  • Prevention of split ends
  • Stimulation of new healthy hair growth
  • Smooth, shiny, voluminous, and thickened hair
  • Easy combing and manageable hair
  • Protection against UV rays and other damages

Results are noticeable after the first treatment. However, to achieve maximum results, a course of 6 to 10 treatments is recommended with intervals of 2-3 weeks.

Benefits of the “Happy Hair” Restoration Program by Lebel

Only natural plant-based ingredients
All products used are made from natural and eco-friendly components. No aggressive impact on the hair. Perfectly safe for your health and environment.
Patented complex
The program includes a patented cell-membrane complex that restores hair at a deep molecular level.
Immediate results
Right after the first treatment, the elasticity, silkiness, and shine of the hair noticeably improve.
Comprehensive hair restoration
The program includes several stages of care that sequentially affect the hair. The program includes a deep-cleansing shampoo, cleansing and moisturizing mousse, five different serums, two creams, and a fixing gel. The hair is restored not only from the outside but also from the inside at the molecular level.

Steps of the “Happy Hair” Procedure

1. Cleansing and Detoxifying the Scalp

Goal: Prepare the scalp so that the subsequent substances are fully absorbed rather than remaining on the surface.

This stage prepares the scalp for the full absorption of the applied substances.
Lebel IAU shampoo is applied for deep cleansing of the scalp.

After rinsing the shampoo, Lebel Float Cleansing mousse is used.

After rinsing the mousse, Lebel IAU Cell Care 1 moisturizing mousse is applied. It restores the pH balance, removing any redness and irritation.

2. Deep Hair Restoration

Goal: Intense hydration and molecular-level hair restoration.

Lebel Proedit Care Works C serum with lipids is applied to the hair, penetrating deep into each strand and nourishing it.

Next, Lebel Proedit Care Works N serum with amino acids is used to restore the hair’s water balance, giving the hair elasticity and shine.

Then, Lebel Proedit Care Works P serum with polypeptides is applied to thicken and strengthen the hair. Finally, Lebel Proedit Care Works Element Fix is used to seal the beneficial substances within the strands. After applying all the serums, a special cap is placed on the head for 5-15 minutes.

3. Intensive Hair Moisturization

Goal: Fill the hair with moisture and seal it in.

Lebel IAU Cell Care 2 protein serum is applied to ensure even distribution of all beneficial components within the hair.

Next, Lebel IAU Cell Care 3M moisturizing cream is used, filling the locks with the necessary amount of moisture, making the hair soft and silky.

Then, Lebel IAU Cell Care 3S intensive strengthening cream is applied to actively thicken the hair. Without rinsing, a special fixing gel Lebel IAU Cell Care 4 is applied to the hair to secure the entire composition within the hair. Finally, everything is thoroughly rinsed with water.

How much does the Lebel “Happy Hair” spa-procedure cost?

The cost of the Lebel “Happy Hair” treatment depends on the length and thickness of your hair:

  • Short hair – $130
  • Medium hair – $180
  • Long hair – $200

Package of 6 sets:

  • Short hair – $599
  • Medium hair – $899
  • Long hair – $1099


Any coloring procedure, unfortunately, has a negative impact on the natural structure of your hair. However, the professional line “Absolute Happiness for Hair” by Lebel Cosmetics is specifically designed to restore various types of damage, including those caused by dyes. Therefore, to keep your hair healthy and beautiful, we recommend scheduling the restoration treatment immediately after highlighting or full coloring.

Our specialists can help you choose professional hair care products for home use after salon treatments. We offer products from leading global brands. Your stylist will recommend the most suitable products based on your hair type, whether it is prone to dryness or oiliness, and the overall condition of your hair.

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