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If you’re looking for a high quality salon hair care system or hair restoration treatment and want to achieve long-lasting results, we recommend you to check out the TOKIO INKIRAMI treatment at Solea Beauty Salon.

Tokio Inkarami is a Japanese brand that produces premium products for hair restoration.

INKIRAMI technology has undergone numerous tests and has been patented, making it unique in the world. The main active ingredient is fullerene – a powerful antioxidant. Scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize for their discovery.


The TOKIO INKIRAMI system is suitable for all hair types that would benefit from deep restoration, hydration, and nourishment.

It is especially recommended for those with damaged hair due to:

  • Bleaching
  • Chemical perming
  • Frequent coloring
  • Regular use of straighteners

The treatment is also recommended prior to hair coloring to ensure even color application and longer-lasting results.

Tokio Inkirami is especially recommended for those with damaged hair

What can I expect after TOKIO INKIRAMI?

Powerful hair hydration
Your hair will become denser, smoother, and more elastic, gaining a healthy shine. Your hairstyle will become more voluminous without being weighed down.
Restoration of the water-lipid balance
Sebaceous glands' function is normalized, addressing the issue of oily hair. Your hair will feel incredibly light, and more manageable.
Elimination of hair brittleness and split ends
Complete hair reconstruction from the shaft to the cuticle. During the procedure, your hair is filled with nutrients from the shaft to the cuticle.

Nutrition, hydration, or restoration? How can you understand what your hair needs?

Book a consultation with our trichologist. They will analyze the condition of your hair and recommend the exact treatment your hair needs!

What makes TOKIO INKIRAMI unique?

Deep hair structure restoration
TOKIO INKIRAMI penetrates to the core of the cortex — the central layer of the hair. It works at the level of protofibrils and polypeptides, while other systems only penetrate the surface of the cortex.
Long-lasting results
TOKIO INKIRAMI restores the amino acid chain within the hair, achieving a long-lasting effect that lasts for at least 4-5 weeks. One procedure per month is sufficient.
Hair protection from damage
The TOKIO INKIRAMI system includes fullerenes, powerful antioxidants that slow down the oxidation process and protect the hair from damage.

What Steps Are Included in the TOKIO INKIRAMI Hair Restoration Process?

The TOKIO INKIRAMI hair restoration procedure includes several stages and takes up to 2 hours. Here’s a detailed breakdown of each step:

Step 1 – Preparing Hair for Better Absorption of Components

Step 1 – Preparing Hair for Better Absorption of Components

Composition: Urea, keratin amino acids, hydrolyzed silk, ceramide complex, geminal amino acids.

The specialist washes the client’s hair and applies a moisturizing formula that prepares the hair for deep penetration of the active components used in the subsequent steps.

Urea helps retain moisture within the hair and stimulates the absorption of active ingredients.

Step 2 – Infusing Hair with Keratin

Composition: Keratin from the down and feathers of waterfowl, amino acids, fullerene.

The formula is massaged into the hair, including the root zone. The hair is infused with keratin to optimize the subsequent INKIRAMI reaction.

Keratin and geminal amino acids penetrate damaged areas of the hair, replenishing moisture and preventing the lifting of cuticle scales. Fullerene prevents oxidation.

Step 2 – Infusing Hair with Keratin
Step 3 – Forming the Inner Hair Shaft

Step 3 – Forming the Inner Hair Shaft

Composition: Keratin amino acids, delta-lactone of meadowfoam, fullerene.

A special formula is applied along the entire length of the hair, followed by a thermal cap for 10 minutes. The cap maintains the necessary temperature for optimal component reaction and deep penetration.

Keratin amino acids bond strongly with the keratin applied in the previous step, forming larger molecules. These molecules significantly improve the strength and elasticity of the hair, are resistant to washing out, and remain inside the hair for a long time.

Step 4 – Infusing Hair with Four Sizes of Keratin

Composition: Hydrolyzed keratin from sheep wool, hybrid polymers, fullerene.

The INKIRAMI reaction process is completed by infusing the hair with four types of keratin of different molecular weights. The damaged part of the hair is reconstructed, restoring lightness, shine, and elasticity. At the end of this step, the formula is thoroughly rinsed out with water.

Step 4 – Infusing Hair with Four Sizes of Keratin
Step 5 – Replenishing Lipids and Restoring Texture

Step 5 – Replenishing Lipids and Restoring Texture

Composition: 18-MEA, ceramide NG, fullerene.

In the final stage, a special formula is applied to the hair. This helps replenish the lipids responsible for hair health and effectively restores the outer structure of the hair. The specialist then rinses out the formula and styles the hair.

How much does the TOKIO INKIRAMI hair restoration procedure cost?

The cost of the TOKIO INKIRAMI treatment depends on the length and thickness of your hair:

  • Short hair -$250
  • Medium hair -$300
  • Long hair -$350


The results are noticeable immediately after the first treatment. Your hair will be thicker, denser, and visibly healthy and shiny. The effect lasts for a minimum of 4 weeks.

An optimal course includes 5-6 treatments, one per month. Afterward, the interval between treatments can be extended to 3 months.

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