Nail Extensions

Forget about thin, brittle or peeling nails. Receive gel nail extensions and have beautiful, well-groomed nails of the desired length and shape. You only need to come to the salon for a correction every three weeks.

Nail Extensions – Your new go-to look!

At Solea Beauty Salon, you can get gel nail extensions from top masters in Sunny Isles Beach. If you’re dreaming of the perfect Hard Gel Nail Extensions – welcome to our nail salon!

Advantages of gel nail extensions

Strong, healthy nails
The gel used allows air to pass through. Natural nails breathe under it, grow strong and do not break.
Smooth nail plate
The special texture of the gel helps to fill in microcracks on the nail plate.
Long-lasting result
Nails extended with gel are characterized by increased strength and flexibility. Even with mechanical stress, they are difficult to break.

How does gel nail extension work?

Nail preparation
The technicians disinfect the nail plates, files, and grinds them. Removes cuticles. Degreases the nail plates and applies a primer. Discusses the desired nail design with the client.
Form modeling
Sets the shape for proper gel distribution. Covers with base gel using a special brush. Dries under a UV lamp. Then applies several thin layers of modeling gel.
Applies gel of the chosen color with or without a pattern, design, or painting. Fixes the result with a topcoat. Dries under a UV lamp.
Processes the gel surface with a file, removes irregularities. Forms the necessary nail length. Applies a final glossy or matte coating.

How Much Does a Hard Gel Nail Extensions Cost?

At Solea Beauty Salon, Hard Gel Nail Extensions cost $160. If you are interested in extending only one nail to match the length of others, this service costs $10.

Types of nail shapes for manicure

Before gel nail extension, you need to choose the color, design, length, and shape of the nails. The desired nail shape determines the length they need to be extended. You can choose one of the following shapes: square, oval, circle, ballerina, almond, etc.

Hard Gel Nail Extensions - different shapes of nails

When choosing a shape, you need to consider the width and length of your fingers, as well as the structure of your nail beds. Our experienced masters are ready to provide expert recommendations.

Nail Extensions Near Me – Why Choose Solea Beauty Salon?

Looking for where to get nail extensions in Sunny Isles Beach from a good master? Here are 3 reasons to choose Solea Beauty Salon.

Top-rated technicians
Our technicians have many years of experience. They have deep knowledge of the structure of nail plates. They know techniques for working with different forms for nail extensions.
Premium-class materials
We use the best materials for nail extensions, providing their strength and resistance to external influences. A huge selection of high-quality gel polishes in different shades.
Unique atmosphere
Our nail salon is a beauty-oasis where you can expect absolute comfort and a unique experience of manicure services. The salon's interior is designed to distract from everyday routine and fill with positive emotions. Each visit will be memorable, and the next one will be desired.

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