At Solea Beauty Salon, hair restoration & regrowth center, we provide trichology treatment. We help men and women solve the problem of hair loss and take care of the health of their scalp. We conduct a thorough diagnosis and select an individual treatment plan for each patient.

hair and scalp diagnostic

The first and crucial step is to use a trichoscope under 1000x magnification to identify the deep causes of hair problems, follicles, and scalp diseases.

The goal is to determine the current state of hair and follicle structure. This includes an assessment of hair density, dryness/oiliness, mass, density, diameter of hair, as well as analysis of hair shafts, and bulbs.

This results in an accurate diagnosis, and well rounded selection of an effective program for restoring hair and follicles.

scalp peeling

The scalp is an extension of the facial skin. Basic care using shampoo and conditioner is not enough. It needs periodic special care. It is very important to regularly cleanse the scalp using peeling procedures. Otherwise, the skin becomes clogged, nutrition processes are disrupted, bulbs weaken and hair falls out.

The goal is to remove the barrier for nutrients to enter the bulb – a layer of the epidermis containing excess fat, and bacteria. We provide deep penetration of nutrients into the hair follicles.

This results in an unclogged scalp. Access to the bulb. Strengthening metabolic processes, improving blood supply, stimulating hair growth.


A special device creates controlled micro-injections with ultra-thin needles to stimulate collagen and elastin production.

The goal is to improve cell metabolism of the scalp. Launching the process of collagen and elastin production, improving blood circulation and lymph flow, as well as stimulating hair follicles.

This results in a renewed, and rejuvenated scalp, and improved skin permeability for delivering medicinal preparations to hair bulbs.


A unique TOP procedure for stimulating hair growth.

The laser affects the entire depth of the follicle. After the first procedure, dormant bulbs awaken. In a few months, hair grows.

What is the result? Hair will become noticeably thicker. Acquire a healthy shine. Become strong, reducing their fragility. Further hair loss is prevented.

scalp prp injection

Plasma with a concentration of platelets 5 times higher than in the body’s blood is injected into the scalp.

The goal is to provide added nutrition to the hair follicle, as well as enhanced tissue regeneration and stimulation for the formation of new vessels that nourish the follicles.

The results are noticeable after a short amount of time. The lost volume and natural shine will return. Your hair will become thicker and stronger.

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