Russian Manicure

For several years now, the Russian Manicure has been a nail trend in the beauty industry. “Russian manicure near me” is now one of Google’s top nail searches.

Supermodels, celebrities, and regular nail salon visitors have all fallen in love with the Russian manicure for its impeccable beauty. Done strictly in accordance to certain rules, it’s impressive not only with its beauty but with its long service life as well. Even though it is a popular procedure, it’s important you choose an experienced master who will not make mistakes and create a true masterpiece.

At Solea Beauty Salon, we have multiple technicians who are excellent in the art of a Russian manicure. Every movement is extremely accurate and precise. If you’re dreaming of the perfect Russian manicure – come to our nail salon!

Russian Manicure – the step-by-step process

Step 1 – Nail Shaping

Because a Russian Manicure doesn’t involve warm soaking, the nail technician will immediately begin to remove old nail polish. After shaping the nails, they will then polish the nail bed.

Step 2 – Cuticle Softening & Removal

The technician applies a special product to the cuticle to soften it, and pushes back the cuticle. By carefully removing excess cuticles, the technician prepares the nails for nail polish application.

Step 3 – Nail Buffing & Painting

A specialized base coat is applied. When it dries, a hard gel coating is applied, followed by color.

Step 4 – Hand care

Moisturizing cream is applied to hands and nails. The procedure softens the skin of the hands and also improves the condition of thin and brittle nails.

How Much Does a Russian Manicure cost?

At Solea Beauty Salon a Russian manicure costs between $85 and $90 for our top technician.

How Long Does a Russian Manicure Last?

Typically, three-four weeks. Therefore, it is more expensive than a Regular Manicure, but it also depends on how quickly your nails grow.

Russian Manicure – Advantages and Disadvantages

Long-lasting results
A Russian manicure lasts longer than Regular or Gel Manicure. It can last up to 4 weeks without chipping, peeling or fading. You save time by doing your nails only once a month.
Impeccable, clean nails
After a Russian manicure, the nails look impeccable. Some people think they have been photoshopped in pictures.
Few qualified technicians
Perhaps this is the only drawback. If a Russian manicure is done by a professional technician - it is absolutely safe, but finding such technicians is not easy.

Russian Manicure Near You – Why Choose Solea Beauty Salon?

Highly trained technicians

At our Nail Salon, our team consists of some of the best technicians in Sunny Isles. We are well trained and have many years of experience.

If you’re looking for the best Manicure Salon near you in Sunny Isles, welcome at Solea Beauty Salon!

Sterilized instruments

After each use our instruments go through a multi-stage medically sterilized and disinfected. Our priority is the health safety of our patients and their 100% overall satisfaction.

Quality Products

Our top-rated technicians and premium quality products guarantee you a flawless manicure.

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