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The best hair extensions to add volume or much-needed length to your hair. Solea Beauty Salon uses the best hair extension products and is home to highly trained and experienced stylists. Our hair extensions salon is the place to get hair extensions for a special occasion or an everyday look. We do hair extensions for different situations. Maybe you have thin hair and want hair extensions to add length and volume to your look. Or maybe your hair just won’t grow past a specific length, and you need the inches to complete a certain hairstyle you have in mind.

Extra Length, Extra Confidence with Solea Beauty Salon’s Hair Extensions

Our hair extension stylists will transform your hair, adding those much-needed inches to create the ideal sophisticated look. The select hair extension styling team at Solea Beauty Salon is trained to the highest level and on the pulse of the latest hair extension techniques and styles. This includes tape-in hair extensions, sew-in hair extensions, fusion hair extensions, and many more.

We guarantee the highest quality of hair extensions and can provide highlights and coloring services alongside. All of this happens in a serene environment outfitted with luxury fixtures, fittings, and aesthetics. We’ve got everything to make your next hair extensions appointment comfortable, with results you’ll love.

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Hair Extensions Near Me: Human Hair or Synthetic Hair

Many of our clients searching for hair extensions near me online also have other questions. Beyond whether they want tape-in hair extensions or sew-in hair extensions, there’s the question of whether to get human hair extensions or synthetic hair extensions.

The good news is Solea Beauty Salon can deliver the best of both worlds — human and synthetic hair extensions. Our stylists have a wealth of experience working with both types of hair extensions. They know when to use each one, how to manipulate human or synthetic hair for the best results, and have a wealth of knowledge to pass on to you.

Aesthetic Feeling

The best hair extension salons can use human and synthetic extensions in different styles and colors.

But there’s a slight difference in quality. Synthetic fibers are stiffer and move differently compared to human hair. They can also be coarse to the touch. Conversely, real hair feels real to the touch and blends naturally with your hair.

Styling and Coloring

Synthetic hair extensions are best for hairstyles that require less styling. Heat can damage synthetic hair, making hair straighteners and blow dryers a no-go. Similarly, hair products, friction, and sun exposure can damage synthetic hair.

Human hair extensions are easier to manage. You can curl, straighten, blow dry, and color them just like your natural hair.


Synthetic hair extensions last for a few months at best. In contrast, human hair extensions last for a one-year average.

Been searching for where to get a hair extension near me in Sunny Isles? Solea Beauty Salon has the styling expertise and the best hair products to make that happen.

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Types of Hair Extensions Available at Solea Beauty Salon

Clip-in Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are the fastest ones we do. The hair extensions come as contoured pieces with ready-to-use clips for attaching them to your hair.

The process doesn’t involve chemicals, pressure, or heat. Therefore, there is zero possibility of damage to your hair. We complete clip-in hair extensions in less than 30 minutes. And you can enjoy the results for 3-6 months, depending on your maintenance culture.

clip-in hair extensions
sew-in extensions

Sew-In Hair Extensions

Also known as weaves, sew-in extensions involve using a thread and needle to sew the hair extension into your already braided natural hair. It’s best for people with thicker hair.

Sew-in hair extensions are technical and difficult. Plus, it takes several hours. We put our top-rated hair stylists on sew-in hair extensions appointments. And at Solea Beauty Salon, we care for your hair to make the experience painless and comfortable.

Tape-in Extensions

We’re the best hair extensions salons for tape-in hair extensions, promising beautiful results in roughly one hour. Our hair stylists will carefully pre-tape the hair extensions, then align them to your roots before taping them on either side of your hair.

Our attention to detail, plus the high-level heat applicators and glue products we use allows us to guarantee minimal hair damage. Tape-in extensions can last up to 10 weeks, depending on your approach to maintenance.

tape-in hair extension
binding hair extensions

Fusion Hair Extensions

Also called pre-bonded or binding hair extensions, these take up to 4 hours in our hair extensions salon. Our hair stylists use a hot glue gun or a heat clamp to glue the hair extensions to individual strands of your natural hair. The results remain in place for up to 4 months.

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Solea Beauty Salon has got all the lengths you want!

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