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Splash Some Colour On at the Best Hair Coloring Salon in Sunny Isles

Adding highlights or extra color to your hair is a good form of self-expression. Express your personality through temporary or permanent hair color from the best hair colorists in Sunny Isles. Solea Beauty Salon is the perfect place to add highlights to your hair color, change natural hair color to darker or lighter tones, cover gray hair, or completely switch up your hair color.

Our hair colorists have access to the country’s best dyes and hair products. Plus, they’re well experienced, with over a thousand hours doing hair coloring for men and women in Sunny Isles. Therefore, we can provide permanent hair coloring, temporary hair color, and semi-permanent hair coloring. Solea Beauty Salon uses ammonia-free bleach and ammonia-free coloring products for clients with hair sensitivity. We cover every detail to help you stun in your preferred color without hair damage.

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Best Hair Highlights Near Me: Choose Solea Beauty Salon for All Coloring Styles

  • Ash
  • Balayage
  • Blue Hair
  • Blonde Hair
  • Caramel
  • Vivid Fashion Colors
  • Hair Color Highlights
  • Red Hair
  • Bright Blonde
  • Platinum Blonde
  • Brunette Hair
  • Pink Hair
  • Ombré Hair
  • Electric Blue Hair
  • Purple Hair
  • Pastel Colors

Can’t see the hair color you want? Call Solea beauty salon to discuss your custom hair coloring preferences with our stylists before booking an appointment.

Highlights Coloring at Solea Beauty Salon

Highlights in hair color combine to add a different stylish dimension to any haircut. It’s a hair coloring technique where we lighten strategic hair strands to create brightness, dimension, and an almost-layered effect. And our hair colorists at Solea beauty salon are the best at it. Whether you want subtle highlights or bold and dramatic highlight color, we’ll enhance your hair color with advanced highlight techniques like foil highlighting and Balayage.

The hair coloring team is trained to customize and tweak hair color highlights for the best results. Our process considers skin tone, eye color, haircut, and hair health to create the ideal color palette for your highlights. We offer hair highlights for any color. And we also use hair-strengthening treatments to minimize damage and maintain your hair health. Our luxury hair salon outfitted with the latest fixtures and fittings offers a calming, aesthetic vibe to relax while you get your highlights done.

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Best Hair Color Near Me: Our Top Hair Coloring Services

Full-head Highlights

Our full-head highlights hair color gives your look a multi-tonal dimension and depth. Our hair colorists will add highlights applied with precision from root to tip. You can also choose from classic, bold, natural, or textured full-head highlights.


  • HIGHLIGHTS + TONER FULL HEAD short hair – $480-$590
  • HIGHLIGHTS + TONER FULL HEAD long hair – $550-$650
multi-tonal dimension and depth
deeply contrasting look

Half-head Highlights

Half-head highlights offer a deeply contrasting look thanks to partial woven highlights strategically placed around the crown, top, and sides.


  • HIGHLIGHTS + TONER HALF HEAD short hair – $350-$400
  • HIGHLIGHTS + TONER HALF HEAD long hair – $400-$450


Suitable for all hair types, Balayage hair highlights and coloring provides a natural, sun-kissed appearance. Our experienced hair colorists use a freehand technique to dab color through the ends of your hair and mid-length to create this effect.


  • BALAYAGE + TONER – $420-$500
suitable for all hair type
lighten hair tone

Full-head Permanent Color

Lighten hair tones, darken, or overhaul your hair with permanent color. We do full-head coloring for all hair types, and this service is available for many colors. As long as it’s on the color spectrum, our expert colorists can bring it to life.


  • short hair – $120-$140
  • long hair – $155-$185


Glossing color service is a low-maintenance way to revitalize your hair color. We can use it to blend away gray hair and add depth to your hair’s natural color.


  • TONER / GLOSS short hair – $85-$100
  • TONER / GLOSS long hair – $120-$140
glossing color service
a favorite at our hair coloring salon

T-Section Hair Highlights

A favorite at our hair coloring salon, this is the best way to disguise roots through precise highlights applied across your front hairline and your parting.


  • HIGHLIGHTS + TONER T-SECTION short hair – $185-$210
  • HIGHLIGHTS + TONER T-SECTION long hair – $215-$250

Gray Blending

Got a little gray in your hair? A gray blending treatment at our hair coloring salon will disguise the silver in your while retaining your hair’s natural shine and gloss.

got a little gray in your hair
gloss to your hair


Hugely recommended for blondes, a toner color session at Solea beauty salon removes brassy tones and refreshes your hair color. It’s the best way to reach your preferred hair shade and add gloss to your hair.

Pre-Lighten and Toning

Best for platinum hairstyles, this hair coloring service will brighten your hair color. There’s an added toner step to help your hair reach the preferred shade.

the preferred shade.

Book a Hair Coloring Session with Solea Beauty Salon

We’re the best hair coloring salon in Sunny Isles Beach for all color and highlight treatments. We’re also experienced in hair color correction, delivering a correction service tailored to your specific situation. Our hair stylists will transform your hair into a beautiful, preferred shade. Book your next hair coloring session with us today.


Karina Sivko
Karina Sivko

Thank you very much Sivko Natalia for coloring and hair care, everything is just perfect, hair is like new!!!❤️

Farrah Reyes
Farrah Reyes

Took my daughter to Solea for color and cut, staff is amazing & friendly. Avi is a great stylist, anytime we ask for a style or color we always get what we ask for.

Micaela Quiroga Cucchietti
Micaela Quiroga Cucchietti

Amazing place, super nice people. I ll be back for color my hair.

Krystyna Bykova
Krystyna Bykova

Сегодня сделала Мега окрашивание у мастера от Бога Павла!!! Рекомендую только его!!!! Я в восторге!!!!

Анна Сумская
Анна Сумская

Один из лучший салон, профессиональные мастера мирового уровня . Особенно окрашивание волос 👌 мой стилист Павел . Знаю , его ещё из Киева – в его руках побывали многие звезды и равных в его работе ему нет . В салоне всегда теплая атмосфера , как будто все давно знакомы и шампанское 🍾 🥂как комплимент от заведения . Рекомендую ❤️

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