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7 Hairstyle Trend Predictions For 2024

As is well known, fashion is constantly changing; oftentimes recycling styles of the past but with a modern twist. In 2024, this is especially relevant in the world of women’s hairstyles. The trends in the world of hairstyles include volume, layering, natural tousled looks, and a retro aesthetic.

Dive with us into the world of trendy hairstyles that will set the tone in 2024. You will learn which celebrities have already updated their image, and how to choose a fashionable hairstyle for yourself. Additionally, we will discuss the advantages of modern trends.

Curly Pixie

A flirtatiously curly, voluminous fringe that softly frames the forehead is a fresh embodiment of the classic pixie cut. This stylish and bold hairstyle with short curls radiates playfulness, confidence, and individuality.

The Curly Pixie can be adapted to different face shapes and hair textures. The hairstyle allows for experimentation with styling techniques and length.

The Curly Pixie requires minimal maintenance compared to longer hairstyle options. Its short length reduces styling time and simplifies daily care. Also, short hair feels more comfortable, especially in hot weather.

At the end of 2023, model Taylor Hill appeared at a social event with a Curly Pixie hairstyle and set this new trend. The example of the Victoria’s Secret “angel” shows how curly locks successfully round the corners of her jaw and soften the chin line.

The Mixie cut

The hybrid and versatile retro haircut Mixie combines long hair at the back with a slight graduation (mullet), and short hair in the front (pixie).

Hair cut short into multiple layers adds visual volume and has a glamorously tousled look. The Mixie haircut was a trend in the 90s, worn by Drew Barrymore and Winona Ryder. Currently, it is experiencing a resurgence and has become a must-have haircut of the season for many celebrities. For instance, actress and star of the TV series “Money Heist,” Úrsula Corberó, has embraced this trend. This hairstyle strikingly accentuates her delicate features and beautifully frames her face.

Young woman with a mixie haircut

Wolf cut

The Wolf cut is a play on texture and movement. It features smooth layers throughout the hair length and a long, voluminous fringe that softly frames the face, creating a casual and even rocker look. This unique combination of two popular trends, shaggy and mullet, merges elements of tousled disheveledness and layering.

The hairstyle is easy to maintain, suitable for various hair types, and perfectly matches any face shape. It works for any hair length, as long as it’s not shorter than a classic bob, otherwise, the desired tousled effect cannot be achieved.

Billie Eilish, Miley Cyrus, and Jennifer Lopez were among the first to embrace the Wolf cut trend in 2024.

A woman with an Italian bob

Italian Bob

Voluminous at the roots, this layered haircut features inward-curled ends. The length is uniform (without extended strands in the front like a classic bob), above the shoulders and below the chin. In 2024, the Italian Bob looks effortlessly cool and fashionable.

The haircut became a trend on TikTok and Instagram. Under the hashtag #ItalianBob, users actively share before and after videos of their transformations.

The Italian Bob is suitable for thick, naturally curly hair. To create volume on finer hair, a bit more styling product is required.

In 2023, actress Simona Tabasco wore an Italian Bob. Now, this style has been adopted by Kourtney Kardashian.

Blunt Bob

A straight, smooth haircut that goes down to the lower jaw, recommended to be worn with a middle part. The bangs, cut just above the eyebrows, create a bold look. Stylists call this haircut “chic and androgynous,” highlighting its versatility.

The haircut helps to balance facial proportions and soften angular features. It is suitable for fine, straight hair.

Hailey Bieber started the trend for the Blunt Bob in early 2024. The sharp lines and structured form of the haircut accentuate the attractiveness of her eyes, cheekbones, and face shape.

A young woman with a Blunt Bob

Birkin Bangs

A thick French fringe at the brow level combined with hair reaching the collarbone or longer. Slightly uneven and “broken” layers give this haircut a soft and natural look.

The Birkin haircut is experiencing a new wave of popularity. It’s easy to maintain, adding a touch of lightness and feminine aesthetics to the look.

It suits any face shape. The way the layers are cut around the bangs can be adjusted to either narrow a wider face or add a bit of fullness to a narrow/long face.

The trend for a straight, tousled fringe is inspired by the young Jane Birkin: a fashion icon, actress, and singer. This charming detail of the look has been adopted by actresses Joey King and Dakota Johnson in 2024.

The Kitty Cut

The iconic hairstyle of Jennifer Aniston from the TV show “Friends” makes a comeback in 2024, already being referred to as “The Rachel 2.0.”

This hairstyle is inspired by the shaggy haircuts of the 70s. It offers a collarbone length, fine, elegantly rounded layers that give the hair lightness and structure. The “shag” haircut can be adapted to any hair type, texture, and length.

In 2024, the “shag” hairstyle was worn by actresses Emily Ratajkowski and Laura Harrier.

If you are ready to try something new and refresh your look, our hair salon in Sunny Isles is waiting for you. Our talented stylists will not only bring to life any of these trendy hairstyles, but also help you choose a cut that perfectly suits you, taking into account your individual features and preferences. Your new look is already waiting for you!

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